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BodyTalk Sessions with Katharina Kroeber Katharina Kroeber

BodyTalk works directly with the wisdom and self-healing ability of
the body, enhancing
communication and balance of all aspects of the bodymind. Under stress, whether physical, emotional or environmental, the flow of communication within in the bodymind can be compromised. The BodyTalk system provides a comprehensive structure that can address both simple and complex complaints in an individualized way, and increase well-being by supporting all body systems to work at their very best.

As a BodyTalk practitioner, Katharina uses neuromuscular feedback and specific BodyTalk techniques based on gentle tapping to work with the client's unique healing priorities.

Katharina Kroeber has been involved with the BodyTalk System since 2009 and qualified as a practitioner in 2011. She brings to her practice a life-long exploration of the source of health and well-being, the causes of ill-health and imbalance, and alternative health systems.


Katharina Kroeber has completed the BodyTalk practitioners training with the International BodyTalk Association as well as completing modules in BodyTalk Breakthrough and BodyTalk Mindscape.

She is a certified BodyTalk practitioner with the International BodyTalk Association (IBA), a member of BodyTalk Network UK (BTNUK), and a member of Independent Professional Therapists International (IPTI).

She is also qualified as a guide for the Transformation Game and a long-term student of Process Work (Process Oriented Psychology).


Woodhead, Kinloss (near Forres and Findhorn, Moray, Scotland), Friday mornings, other times by arrangement.
Home visits are available in this area.
Sessions last approx 60-90 minutes and cost 30.

To book, call 07905499673 or click here to Contact Me.

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